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Aug 19, 2011 10:00pm PDT
. brad answered and he said, oh, she went for a run. pf nancy was an athlete, training for a half-marathon. brad cooper was her husbands. i said, when did she leave? he said, civil ooflt 30 or 7:00. she's not back? >> weird. if nancy had to cancel their meeting, surely she would have called. hannah cooled her heels. at 1:00, the phone rang. i saw it was her house on the caller i.d., and i said, hey, where have you been? he said, no, hannah. it's brad. nancy's still not back. >> now brad was worried. >> so i really started to panic. >> especially when she learned nancy had also stood up another of their friends. so they called the local hospital. no sign of nancy. they called nancy's twin sister christa up in canada. >> have you talked to nancy today? she went for a run and she hasn't returned yet. we're very worried about her. can you call us back? >> you know about this kind of stuff. >> you'd think. >> christa calls had her older brother jeff who's a policeman. >> my first reaction was, well, okay, she's somewhere. you just need some space or some time. she'll
Aug 7, 2011 6:30am PDT
crisis. ethnic cleansing has left many dead and many others fighting for their lives. brad phillips just returned from the nuba mountains. he testified before u.s. congressional leaders. >> there are 70-90,000 people that are going to die in the next month to 2 months because the roads are shut down and flights not coming in. >> nuba mountains home to sudan's largest christian community. house to house raids from president omar bashir armed forces. virginia congressman frank wolf says it is important that they stand up for the persecuted christians. >> the church in the west has to do a better job of advocating for the perce persecuted church. >> muslim soldiers reportedly burning down churches. bishshop andodo testified to the deaf station that happened at his diocese. >> my house was shop and my offices and cafe was burned down and cathedral as well. >> nuba people suffered back in the 1990s. humanitarian organizations say the same people that killed more than 500,000 back then are trying to finish the job today. john waage cbn news. >> joining us now is brad phillips. he does a lot o
Aug 19, 2011 5:30pm PDT
brad carter. >> once you get out here and meet them and realize they're human beings, they've got a face, they've got a story, they're people. i've got a lot of good friends out here who are on the wrong side of advantage. >> reporter: broad volunteers a couple hours a day and puts in another at the mission. he publishes a street newspaper and serves on three boards that advocate for the homeless. this one is a nonprofit he started to try and educate people on the new face of homelessness. brad says nowadays anybody you meet could be homeless. and you know what? he has a point. where are you sleeping tonight? >> um... ( laughs ) wherever i can. >> reporter: brad has been homeless for four years. >> i've made some bad decisions and i've ended up here. >> reporter: i just want to run through the usual suspects. drugs? >> no. >> reporter: alcohol? >> no. >> reporter: mental problems? >> no. (laughs) >> reporter: so what could it be? >> i was just wasn't responsible when i was younger. it took me seven years to get through that two-year school. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: brad, now
Aug 9, 2011 6:00pm EDT
was there. brad bell is live at dover air force base in delaware. >> the president less -- left half an hour ago after spending five hours with the grieving families as their loved ones were removed from the aircraft one by one. it has been a very sad day here, a very sad day across the country. >> he loved motorcycles, too. anything fast. >> at their home in california, the grandparents of the navy seal reminisce. >> i threw him in. darrik benson. he did not say anything, and i said "you are going to learn how to swim." >> tragically it today his body returned to america along with the others killed in a crash involving asian a helicopter in afghanistan. they arrived aboard some cargo planes for a solemn ceremony called the "a dignified transfer," often open to media coverage but closed today because the bodies have not been identified. the ceremony involves the somber mood of the caskets from the plane to a mortuary. president obama and top military aides arrived just after noon. aaron vaughn had just met his newborn daughter. >> he was fabulous. to me, the love of my life. >> kevin housto
Aug 15, 2011 9:41am PDT
by brad pitt production company. the movie will hit theaters in 2013. the dow was back up again 50 points. hope 151 right now. 11,420. google has purchased motorola for 12.5 billion in cash. in sports news the giants are keeping the pressure on in the nl west against the diamondbacks. their two games back out of first. san francisco hit four home runs and a 5-2 win against the florida marlins. the giants are not going to land of 44 game series against the braves. in the bay area of the oakland a's are finishing a series of the coliseum. they came back from six runs down against texas where they came up short. the rangers are getting a run in the night to win 7-6. they swept the athletics. texas is 50.5 games ahead of the oakland a's. here's a quick check on the 7 day beautiful round the bay. we still have some of hanging around the coast. did not forget, coming up with a few moments dr. phil. they give for joining us on the kron 4 morning news. we're back here live tomorrow morning. have a good day. >> announcer: today on "dr. phil" -- >> dr. phil: gina is so determined to make her 16-yea
Aug 28, 2011 4:30pm PDT
of the history with you. >> good morning, commissioners. brad has himself become an expert in the public trust over the years. this may be the last time that i have to the system of public trust matters. the history of pier 70 is quite interesting. i will not get into many details, but i will walk through days maps that brad has prepared to give you a flavor of why we have this opportunity in the first place. as you know, most of the land that the ford owns in the portfolio is subject to the trust. virtually all of it came to the stadium the burton act. most of the land owned by the state in the city was subject to the trust. pier 70 is a major exception, and it has given us this rare our opportunity to do an internal trust swap without having to look outside of the port's own holdings to effectuate the trade. so let us look at one of the earliest conveyances of property, here at the site, in the light green area at the bottom of the matp. the time the land portion of that rectangle down there was owned by the state. they were conveyed to the pacific mills co. back in the 1960's, one of the fi
Aug 6, 2011 4:30pm PDT
elected support steve, brad, and mara for their respective seats on the advisory committee. they bring a lot of skill sets that we feel will help round out the committee in quite a good balance with residence, with the resident seats as well. so thank you, again, for hearing this issue of the cac, and we hope we can move forward in a productive way on the midmarket issue. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is angelica. we're here to support eva, ste ven, arad, mara, jesus, and linda. we feel these individuals will truly represent the neighborhood and the surrounding neighborhoods. we hope you'll consider the application. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. i am here to support eva, brad, and jesus. please consider their application for cac. thank you. >> good afternoon. my name is lorenzo. i am here to support my friends. i know them. eva, jesus, and linda. a believe their good candidates for the cac. thank you so much. supervisor kim: thank you. >> i am here to support jesus, eva, and linda. give them a chance to serve the community.
Aug 6, 2011 5:30am EDT
at the kaufman foundation. riva is here from grow biz media and brad harrison is the founder and ceo of bhv, a business development firm with a small venture capitalist firm. robert, i want to start with you since it comes out of you. there's been so much talk, you guys put a report out a year ago saying small business is the engine that drives the economy and now one year later you're coming out and saying small businesses aren't even hiring. what does that mean for the economy? >> so actually what our previous report said is that it's not just any small business, it's really new businesses. those are under five years old that have been responsible for the -- for virtually all new jobs since 1980 but we took a electric look and tried to quantify it and asked ourselves is the new job business or is the new firm start-up business engine slowing down and the answer is yes and found that the number of jobs created by new firms started slowing in 2005 and then took a dramatic dip during the recession and really hasn't yet recovered. >> robert, is this a function of -- how big a part of this is
Comedy Central
Aug 18, 2011 11:30pm PDT
a storm of controversy. speaking of storms let's check with chief meteorologist brad edwards certified in central iowa's most accurate meteorologist for five years and counting. brad, how is it looking for the weekend. >> i tell you what, stephen, it's stormy out there right now and i think will stay stormy through saturday. tomorrow night will be the opening night of high school school football and a warm one, 86 degrees. >> stephen: the start of high school football season, walters, i think you buried the lead there. >> my bad. now let's go back to amanda krenz with the latest on the rick parry write in scandal amanda. >> well, stephen, abc 5 contacted the head of the iowa gop matthew strong who said they are not releasing those details and do not intend to disclose any more information on saturday's straw poll results. >> stephen: but are you continuing to dig. >> we certainly are, stephen. and for more on that let's go to rachel pierce. >> well, stephen, abc 5 contacted the head of the iowa gop matthew strong a second time. he again said they are not releasing those details and do
Aug 21, 2011 7:30am EDT
there. pigs in the barn. dogs running around. >> that doesn't stop mike and brad from giving surfers the chance to temporarily trade in their wet suits in the water to become their students. >> we have classes. everyone built their own surfboard before there was a surf industry. they want to reintroduce people to those ideas. >> they transform into teachers to share their passion with pupils. students included surgeons, airline pilots, models and even children. they come from around the world to immerse themselves in grain surfboards. >> seven days. each person builds their own board from start to finish. you can get the satisfaction of building a board with your own two hands that you'll enjoy that much more because you're connected to. >> all boards are made from locally harvested trees and grain is environmental responsible in its production. doing things like making sure as little wood is wasted as possible. once the students pick from one of grain's 19 designs, their educati education begins. >> we talk about the big picture of what we're trying to do that week. sketch is out. a
Aug 9, 2011 5:00pm EDT
helicopter. brad bell is live in dover with more on this very emotional day. brad? >> it has been a very emotional day. 38 people came into the dover air force base, including aid afghan soldiers. they were aboard two huge cargo planes. it is a solemn process called "the dignified transfer." the flag draped caskets are removed from the transfer plate and moved to the mortuary here at dover air force base. this video was from a fire transfer. they are often open for coverage if the family approves, but because today's bodies have not been identified, today's are not covered. we do know that president obama and top commanders arrived for the private ceremony afternoon. kimberly vaughn is here. her husband was lost. >> what it feels like. >> 30 americans died saturday when a taliban fiber a rocket propelled grade -- grenade at their shenae helicopter. there were 22 members of the elite seal team 6 the same team that osama bin laden though none of the seals that were killed participated in bad. >> we can never think them enough for the sacrifice that they have made. >> michael strange had se
FOX News
Aug 16, 2011 6:00am PDT
, that gentleman, brian rodes gave his explanation of what the you said said after that. brad blakeman is former deputy assistant to president bush and doug schoen is a former pollster for president clinton and fox news contributor. we got brad on the right and doug on the left and gentlemen, i'd love to -- i loved this opportunity here because brad, you said exactly the opposite of what you thought -- i thought would you say and doug, you too. brad, you think president obama is in the right. explain that. >> i do. i think they came to the event to disrupt and to put the president in a get cha situation. certainly the president wouldn't have had a perry mason moment and said yes, of course we think you're terrorist, of course we think you're bad for america. that wasn't going to happen. look, it was akin to what happened to romney at the iowa straw poll when the ultra partisan democrat tried to disrupt the speech that he was going to give. i think the line was appropriate that the president went over. if you're going to have that conversation do, it there, but to go there with a mission to embar
Aug 8, 2011 7:00pm EDT
this earth any other way than how he did. >> with us now, fran townsend who advised president bush. also brad thorr, went on several research missions in afghanistan and pakistan with navy s.e.a.l.s. fran, the large -- most deadly at being a in the history of this ten year war. i want to show our viewer where is it took place. this is in some of the most treachero treacherous. what does it say as we pay tribute to these heros that this is still where a lot of the hardest parts of this war are being fought? >> well, it tells and you number of things. first of all, this is right on the outskirts, pot venot very fm kabul. it was the sacred ground that our troops protected. mostly to give the karzai government the opportunity to extend their reign, their government. this is very close to the capital. this is an area that has been handed over to afghan troops. this was an immediate reaction force that was coming in because we had personnel on the ground in need of assistance and so you had u.s. soldiers as well as afghan commandos. and it tells you that the gains that we make there are very fragil
Aug 30, 2011 7:00pm EDT
with the family. angelina tells all about more kids and that secret wedding and why brad thinks he's about to become a nightmare. where did wild prince harry end up all wet and mama maria takes charge. back to school shopping with her son patrick schwarzenegger. >> it's lopez, jennifer. >> rough day at the office. all access to j. lo's brand new job. plus meet the new biggest losers. no experience required. >> really, you're a virgin? >> "dancing with the stars" new cast. welcome to "access hollywood", dancing returns on september 19th. and last night, we sent my "access hollywood live" co-host kit hoover to meet the new cast and she found out a friendly little feud is already brewing. >> there's for question, i'm going to bust my ass david to take you on. >> ricki lake said she has some fighting words for you. you want to say anything back? >> i love you, ricki. >> oh, my goodness. you can't help but adore david arquette who was leading the cast of this season's "dancing with the stars." you can bet estranged wife courtney cox will be tuning in. >> she's been really supportive and re
Comedy Central
Aug 30, 2011 11:30pm PDT
, and rachel, top-notch. of course john walters giving you the latest on sports and brad edwards manning the weather center, no. i'm talking about woi management. you had our ad for two days, gentlemen. hell, you had my monies fo six days. (laughter) and one hour, one hour before taping you suddenly said hey, it might be too confusing for your viewers, really? both of them? i happen to know you haven't won a local emmy in ten years. want to touch mine? (cheers and applause) i know what happened here, folks. you clearly saved a phone call ordering you to shut colbert down from one of the other six shadowy superpacs that are trying to muss nell on our rightful place as the official unconnected pro perry superpac. well, i don't know who you normally deal with, but woi-abc 5, you are [bleep] with the wrong people. (cheers and applause) >> stephen: you hear that? you hear that? (cheers and applause) yes, you can hear that now. colbert superpac is not some small potatoes business that will just sit there and take it we're not curley's furniture on army post road where prices have been great si
Aug 7, 2011 6:00pm PDT
with a broken ankle? brad keselowski did. his right ankle, the one for the gas pedal, was swollen after a crash during testing, despite that, keselowski won today's nascar race in pocono. he took the lead on a restart with just 16 laps to go, and brad keselowski, sore ankles and alls, wins the pocono 500. >>> hockey news. another trade between the san jose sharks and minnesota. the sharks picking up center james shepherd for a draft pick. those two teams have had three trades during the offseason. >> alan: back to the giants. they avoided the sweep and could be back in here -- >> i think they're going to be. coming to town starting tomorrow, the pittsburgh pirates, who have lost ten in a row. so maybe a good time. >> alan: they need someone to beat up on. the apes take over the box office. but can harry potter keep his >> alan: one traffic know. look out for detours on part of highway 101 next week. 101 will be closed for painting of the ralston avenue pedestrian overpass. northbound 101 will be closed monday through thursday from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. >>> well, apes are swinging to the top o
Aug 9, 2011 4:00am PDT
are straight ahead. >>> plus six years later -- new details emerge on the break-up of brad pit and jennifer aniston. >>> coming up, a streak, a pair of walk-offs on the ultimate batting practice. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> amid the famine crisis in africa thousands of refugees have streamed into somalia's capital searching for food after the withdrawal of islamic rebels. their departure has raised hopes that humanitarian groups will be able to step up aid delivery. for the first time in five years the united nations was able to airlift aid to mogadishu. meanwhile, president obama has approved an additional $105 million for relief efforts in the horn of africa. >>> the hotel maid who has accused ex-international monetary fund boss dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault is now suing him for unspecified damages. the woman, whose credibility has been questioned, says she was subjected to a violent and sadistic attack. strauss-kahn's lawyers say the lawsuit has no
Aug 26, 2011 5:00am EDT
to connecticut -- >> reporter: irene reached out to brad feil. >> brad was very kind. i so appreciate him getting back to us. he said we will all be effected but the severity is not known at this time. >> reporter: so the backup plan is to move the ceremony and all 120 guests indoors to the conference center, that is if there are no evacuations. >> it's sort of got us on the edge of our seats. >> reporter: this couple has been planning for this day for over a year. guests are coming from all over the country. we're just hoping one doesn't show. >> an uninvited guest. irene is uninvited to irene's wedding. >> more brides worry about rain, not really hurricanes. at least they can have a few laughs about it. hopefully it works out for them. >>> well, it's time for your "first look" at entertainment news. a big storm we have been talking about all morning and a debut movie cancelling each other out should keep last weekend's box office winner on top once again this weekend. after debut says in second two weeks ago "the help" had the rare experience of moving up to take the top spot. the experts think
Aug 29, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. . >> oakland will host the movie all about the oakland a's. moneyball premiers september 19. brad pitt plays billy bean in that movie. tells the story of the 2002 division championship series. sony hasn't said if brad pitt will attend the premier. >>> i hope the pre-season isn't an omen. rough weekend. >> long year if it is. frank gore not happy his contract hasn't been extended but his agent is in town. but they have bigger problems to deal with right now than his money. how about the offensive line. it was bulled over by the texans. 417-105. joe, one of the veterans not happy with his own play. as well he shouldn't be. >> got to play better. nothing to do with schemes or anything. got to play better. disgusted with what we saw. the coach challenged us. we needed to come out and have a great week of practice. >> reporter: what kind of feedback are you getting? >> got to protect. >> that was nice of them if that's all they said. you got to protect. they got all kinds of problems. the raiders against the saints, looking for bright spots. how about jones, a running back out of deer valley high
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 450 (some duplicates have been removed)